Mattapoisett Residence

An adventurous gardener residing on a busy street embarked with me upon an extensive renovation of her landscape.  Enormous old Hemlocks, once a low hedge, were removed to make way for a groomed evergreen hedge fronted by a great variety of flowering and berry-producing shrubs. Privacy was achieved with Privet and Arborvitae which are kept meticulously trimmed, resulting in a strong and clear architectural wall all around the property.  Two grand oaks frame the house and shelter a collection of Rhododendron and Panicle Hydrangea, Ferns, Japanese Forest Grass, Hosta, Boxwood, Winterberry, Shrub Dogwood, as well as Crabapple, Smokebush, and Cherry standards.

The property is completely enclosed by a mahogany fence and gate and by concealed anchor fencing sandwiched between two staggered rows of privet, making it fully pet- and child-secure while appearing quite lush. New bluestone paths and old granite steps were built on two sides of the house and on the third side, giant slabs of granite submerged in the earth form a path there.

Privacy - Before

Privacy - After

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