Mattapoisett Residence

An adventurous gardener residing on a busy street embarked with me upon an extensive renovation of her landscape.  Enormous old Hemlocks, once a low hedge, were removed to make way for a groomed evergreen hedge fronted by a great variety of flowering and berry-producing shrubs. Privacy was achieved with Privet and Arborvitae which are kept meticulously trimmed, resulting in a strong and clear architectural wall all around the property.  Two grand oaks frame the house and shelter a collection of Rhododendron and Panicle Hydrangea, Ferns, Japanese Forest Grass, Hosta, Boxwood, Winterberry, Shrub Dogwood, as well as Crabapple, Smokebush, and Cherry standards.

The property is completely enclosed by a mahogany fence and gate and by concealed anchor fencing sandwiched between two staggered rows of privet, making it fully pet- and child-secure while appearing quite lush. 

Privacy - Before

Privacy - After

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