Harborside Estate

This venerable and historic landmark on Buzzard’s Bay has had the lucky fortune to be acquired by tireless and enthusiastic owners who have undertaken its restoration.  The extensive gardens that once surrounded the house now do so again by their hard work and keen attention. The enclosed Parterre Garden, to the southwest, has been restored and improved with a grand entrance door and new curved shingled wall, sitting area, and exquisite Chippendale fence overlooking the Bay and many additional plants.  An entirely new garden was created in the former Laundry Yard of the estate, and is called ‘The Chalice Garden’ for its antique baptismal font.  The most recent addition, and the most ambitious to date, has been the Tea House Garden, which completes the triumvirate of spaces stretching across the water-facing side of the house.  It recalls a garden formerly enjoyed by the first owners of this magnificent property.



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